Crosby Street Hotel (SoHo)

I arrived early at the Crosby Street Hotel and settled in to wait for Michelle in a wonderfully comfy chair next to a wall made of glass that looks onto Crosby Street in the hotel’s uber-stylish bar/restaurant.  The hostess was utterly charming as had been the doorman and the concierge, all of whom welcomed me warmly as if I were coming home after a long holiday, when in fact, I was there for the first time to see the hotel’s two roof gardens.

Craig Markham, an affable Aussie with a whirlwind personality, is Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Firmdale Hotels.  He happened to be in New York for a few days to check on their newest property and gave us an extensive tour of the Crosby, including two green roofs.

We began with The Meadow, a miniature reproduction of an American meadowland with over 50 varieties of native flowering plants.  Access to this second floor roof garden is through the luxurious Meadow Suite but it is enjoyed by hotel guests and high-rise neighbors whose windows overlook this one-of-a-kind interior rooftop beauty.

Craig then took us through a warren of hallways that eventually led to the 12th floor Rooftop Kitchen Garden and chicken coop.  This small, intensively farmed urban vegetable and flower patch supplies the hotel restaurant and bar with heirloom tomatoes, herbs, blueberries, peppers, edible flowers, beautiful blue-green eggs and more.  Everything in this swanky hotel is stylish, even the Chilean chickens and their rooftop Tudor style coop.

After touring some of the luxurious rooms, private event spaces, the state-of-the-art movie screening room and the public rooms (for guests only), I wanted nothing more than to check in to this inviting and innovative hotel built on a former SoHo parking lot.  Firmdale Hotels was looking into every detail, including LOOKING UP, when it created this compact urban oasis.

Next time, Manhattan meets Hollywood, on the roof!


One thought on “Crosby Street Hotel (SoHo)

  1. Imagine that! A fancy hotel growing veggies on the rooftop. It sounds like a hotel I’d love to stay it. Keep looking up – I’m learning so much about New York I didn’t know.
    It is so nice to see pictures too.

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