NYC Meets Hollywood Up On the Roof (Charles St @ Washington St, Manhattan)

New York City is magical.

I went for an early morning walk with Cecil, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, around our West Village neighborhood, and saw what had been an empty lot next to the local bike shop suddenly housed two structures.  Another early riser was walking amongst these pop-up buildings, and being naturally nosy, I struck up a conversation.  Jason, an affable architect from Toronto, it turns out, is a partner in a new business: Modifying shipping containers into portable modular housing – cool!

I immediately asked him if they had ever put a modified shipping container room on a rooftop, and it turns out that they are just about to do so – and this is where the NYC magic comes in.

A fellow West 11th Street resident whom I have yet to meet is Julian Schnabel, the artist turned fabulous film director (if you haven’t seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, rent it now!).  He also met Jason while cruising the ‘hood and similarly struck up a conversation with our friendly Canadian innovator.  As it was told to me, Mr. Schnabel developed an interest in designing one of these modular structures for a friend of his, Jon Kilik, the movie producer, who happens to live a few blocks away on Clarkson Street, and the plan is to put the Schnabel-designed shipping container room (actually, it will be two 40-foot shipping containers so it will be a big room) on Jon’s roof.  I didn’t even have to LOOK UP this time to discover the latest rooftop innovation.

Jason and I have been in touch and he promises to do his best to let me see this Schnabel-driven project as it evolves on the Hollywood producer’s NYC roof.  In turn, I promise to keep you up to date on this exciting rooftop project as well.  Stay tuned!

Next time, we’ll raise our glasses while LOOKING UP as we discover the only Manhattan roof-grown wine.  Cheers!


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