The Best Roof Event I’ve Never Seen

When I lie on my bed and look directly out the window, I see Westbeth, the former Bell Laboratories Building, that in 1968 was turned into the now-legendary West Village artists residences.  It’s that close to me.  It also happens to be home to the Merce Cunningham Studio (where I was privileged enough to view a rehearsal a couple of years ago while Merce was still with us) and, coincidentally, is home to the last unrelinquished section of what is now known as the High Line.  Westbeth is a special place, indeed.

My Tuesday New York Times told me that on Sunday, while I was sauntering through the Harlem Meer and Conservancy Garden in the Northeast corner of Central Park enjoying a perfect spring day, Westbeth had a site-specific series of dances throughout the maze-like building, including a dance

performance on the roof – and I missed it.  Yes, I’m kicking myself right now.

But I’m also thrilled that NYC roof space is being used for live performance, and is being covered very favorably in the New York Times.  I’ve been asking people for months whether there were rooftop performances happening in the City (as well as rooftop yoga instruction and amateur astronomy; if you know of any upcoming yoga, performance or astronomy roof events, please let me know!).

Mario Bermudezgil choreographed one of the eight or nine dances in this one-performance-only festival.  His short piece, called Sexy Silly Solo Samba, part of the Westfest Dance Festival last Sunday, took place on one of the the Westbeth roof elevations, complete with views of the Hudson River and our beloved NYC cedar water towers.  The NY Times called it “The afternoon’s most dramatic locale…offering million-dollar views of Manhattan high-rises and the surrounding waters.”  Apparently Claudia La Rocco, Dance Reviewer for the NY Times,  is a fan of NY City rooftops just like us!

I missed this one, sadly, but I promise to continue LOOKING UP to find more live performances with city vistas up on the roof.


2 thoughts on “The Best Roof Event I’ve Never Seen

  1. What a shame you missed it – you don’t miss much so we’ll forgive you this time. e

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