The High Line + iPhone = “The Gaits” (Gansevoort at Washington Streets, Manhattan)

I’ve been on the High Line dozens of times, but I’ve never experienced it like I did during the evening of Winter Solstice 2011 because this time it was more about what I heard than what I saw.

iPhone speaker distributed durng "The Gaits" (photo by Leslie Adatto)

With the help of an iPhone, I became a player piano of sorts, and you can too!  Three composers (Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Naverson and Cameron Britt) and one “programming ninja” (Daniel Iglesia) created music associated with precise spots along NYC’s favorite green roof.

Just follows these steps to recreate “The Gaits,” originally experienced by scores of iParticipants on Wednesday, December 21 at 5:30 p.m., during the longest night of 2011 as part of the first winter solstice installation of Make Music New York.

Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Naverson, N. Cameron Britt, Daniel Iglesia (photo by Leslie Adatto)
  1. Get hold of an iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  2. Download the free app:
  3. Go to the southernmost part of the High Line at Gansevoort and Washington Streets.
  4. If you are sharing this with a non-iPerson, turn the external speaker way up on your iProduct, or if you’re on your own, you can use headphones or ear buds.
  5. Start the app.
  6. Start walking, varying your speed.  “The Gaits” is complete at the current end of the High Line, just above W. 30thStreet.

    High Line during "The Gaits" Dec 21, 2011 (photo by Leslie Adatto)

The composers divided the High Line into 18 musical sections so the sounds will complement what you are seeing.  When you pass the bird house art installation, you hear chirping.  When you pass the amphitheater seating, you hear applause.  When you pass the water feature, you hear splashing.  Very cool.  As this is a winter composition, there is a lot of “twinkling,” festive music as well.

As you walk faster, the music will speed up.  As you slow down, so does the music.  If you stop – I’ll let you find that out for yourself!  Apparently these iProducts have GPS and an “accelerometer” built into them so the cleverly designed app knows where you are and how quickly you are moving through the space.

I wonder what happens if you go backwards.

Produced by Friends of the High Line and Make Music New York.  For more information, visit


One thought on “The High Line + iPhone = “The Gaits” (Gansevoort at Washington Streets, Manhattan)

  1. Thanks for the write-up! And the nice photos. We were all really happy to be able to work with the High Line on this project – they’re nice people, and park is so cool.

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