Yankees Baseball Rooftop Double Header (Bronx County Courthouse, 851 Grand Concourse; and Yankees Stadium, E. 161st Street at River Avenue, Bronx)

The first 2012 Yankees game is this afternoon, on April Fools’ Day and the official home opener is on Friday, the 13th .  Can I ask what jokester at MLB is making this schedule for the most superstitious game in team sports?  C’mon, this is Yankees baseball and it’s serious fun that we’ve been waiting on for months!  Enough with the ha-ha’s!

Since October, I’ve been meditating on forgiving Jeter, A-Rod and the rest of the gang in pinstripes for their anguishing 2011 post-season crumble, and am finally ready to begin hopeful and anew – in spite of the ominous April Fool’s and Friday the 13th start dates.Bronx County Courthouse green roof

The final part of my 2011 heartbreak recovery happened last week when I explored the rooftop of the Bronx County Courthouse when Alexa and Karen from New York Green Roofs were lovingly taking care of the amazing 10,000 square foot sedum green roof.  The court house is just two blocks from Yankee Stadium and this public access (you can go there too!) green roof is nine floors up.  The problem is there is a 10 foot wall surrounding the entire roof, completely blocking my 5 foot 4 inch tall view.  However, I found a couple of service ladders screwed into the building that took me up to a higher-than-the-wall elevation (this part probably isn’t meant to be public access).  After a careful climb, I was rewarded with magnificent views: Down the Grand Concourse in one direction, overlooking Manhattan’s skyline in the other and just below us, the picture-perfect, ready-for-the-season Yankee Stadium.  I knew then that the healing was complete.  I could hardly wait to don my blue and white Official Yankees Gear jacket, and take the D train right up to Yankee Stadium for nine innings of summertime fun.

While at the game, if you need another rooftop fix, over 21s have complete access to Yankee Stadium’s rooftop Malibu Terrace Deck Look Up and you’ll see that it is located across from Section 310 in the stadium’s upper deck.  This outdoor terrace serves a microbrew on tap and casual (though not inexpensive) food, as well as offering up a unique and rather charming view of the South Bronx when you are ready to take a break from watching the 27-time World Champion winning Bronx Bombers.  Go Team!

ADDENDUM:  April 2, 2012 – Apparently I got April Fooled and didn’t read the schedule correctly.  The MLB season begins Thursday, April 5 and the Yankees play the Rays in their home opener on Friday, April 6.  I was right about the Yankees home opener being on Friday the 13th though!


2 thoughts on “Yankees Baseball Rooftop Double Header (Bronx County Courthouse, 851 Grand Concourse; and Yankees Stadium, E. 161st Street at River Avenue, Bronx)

  1. April 1st and Friday the 13th not a good omen – but with such loyal fans like you and all your “looking up” friends – it shouldn’t be a problem. Are you heading for the game. Bring in a winner!!!!

  2. Hi Leslie–Absolutely love your posts and pics. I feel like I am almost there with you! Warm Hello from the Antique Car Expo @La Jolaa:)… Frank

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