Kites Soar on a Manhattan Rooftop (Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan)

Think “Kite flying”: Carefree children running through open spaces with a colorful kite flying high above.

Now think “Hell’s Kitchen”:  Densely populated, urban, gritty New York City.

A child’s kite flying high in Hell’s Kitchen

But on Sunday, September 23, 2012, from 1 to 4 p.m., for the eighth time in eight years, there were, in fact, carefree children (and adults) flying kites in – or more accurately, above – Hell’s Kitchen.

This delightfully surprising, free event takes place each September and is sponsored by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District.  Hundreds of happy kids built, decorated and flew colorful nylon kites from the open air seventh floor rooftop of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  This year’s event fell on the perfect breezy, blue-sky day, which could not have been more ideal for letting kites soar high above the streets of New York City, although, even let out as far as their string would allow, they were still dwarfed by the surrounding midtown glass-covered Manhattan high rises.

Getting ready to soar!

A family-friendly rooftop adventure, the afternoon included a flying yoga demonstration, face painting, jugglers and unicyclists, and a concert by Louie & Su Banda.  With so much entertainment available, the real joy was still on the faces of the kids running across the rooftop parking lot as they watched their creations go aloft and become one more dot in the skyscape filled with so many colorful dots.

I’ll most assuredly be looking out and LOOKING UP for the 9thAnnual Kite Flight next September.  Perhaps I can borrow someone’s school-aged child so I can fly a kite too?

Daniella shows off the kite she just made

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