Kingsland Wildflowers Project Completes Its First Green Roof!

Another Brooklyn green roof is born! Predicted to encompass over 20,000 square feet of rooftop gardens and greenery by the end of 2017, the first phase of construction at 520 Kingsland Avenue is complete.  It was a perfectly sunny afternoon to celebrate the new roof! Partnerships with Broadway Stages, Alive Structures, NYC Audubon, and The Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund have made the project flourish. The roof features an abundance of various vegetation and winding stone paths to guide you through the elevated meadows. It’s a welcome gift to the primarily industrial neighborhood of Greenpoint, situated among the award-winning architectural structures of the Newtown Creek water treatment plant. The green roof cultivates wild flora, encouraging the natural habitats of Brooklyn’s native birds and insects. And of course the visit isn’t complete without a photo-worthy panoramic view of Manhattan. To find out more about the project and to keep up with its progress, visit the website. Written and photographed by guest blogger Concetta Smith.

The Kingsland Wildflower Project opens its first rooftop to the public.
High among the warehouses, a roof with a view.

One thought on “Kingsland Wildflowers Project Completes Its First Green Roof!

  1. It is a beautiful garden! Have a great time in Seattle and I hope I get an opportunity to see you in San Diego. Shana Tova, Susan

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